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Regional Directorates

             The Regional Directorate serves as a focal point for coordination and establishing close liaison with the provincial office.

         The responsibilities of the Regional Director is manifold. He occupy the pivotal position between Provincial Office and the service provider. He monitors the field program and recommend trainings for improving implementation of the program.

   The responsibilities of Regional Directors are comprehensively elaborated as under:-

a)      Plan, coordinate and ensure implementation of family planning activities in the division.

b)      Exercise administration and financial control over the district in the region.

c)      Under take regular review of the program implementation, covering all operational aspects of various components and on going activities.

d)     Supervise and monitor district activities and conduct regular surprise visits to all operational units in the field.

e)      Play leadership role in providing direction and guidance in facilitating the field work, take new initiatives and identify potential areas for extending and expanding family planning facilities in the division.

f)       Coordinate liaison & maintain regular contact with other departments and provide support to private organizations to filter family planning information and service through their health outlets.

g)      Identify training / orientation need for program functionaries and community based potential for eliciting their support.

h)      Complete process, update and analysis statistical data for submission to the program management and provide feedback to the districts.

i)        Conduct regular follow up survey of acceptors.

j)        Undertake periodic sample survey of house hold for collecting information on fertility, knowledge and attitude towards family planning and validate performance. NIPS will provide training in research for undertaking this activity on regular basis.

k)      Any other assignment entrusted by the hierarchy of the program.

l)        Liaison with PPSOs, stakeholders, Parliamentarians, Religious Scholars and motivational.

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