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  1. Admin & Finance Wing

  2. Monitoring Evaluation  & Monitoring wing

  3. Medical Wing

  4. Communication, Training, Logistic & Supplies

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Provincial Administrative Setup

      At present Provincial headquarter of the department is headed by Secretary BS-20 of cadre group from Government of Sindh. Secretary is supported by Director General BS-20 and four Additional Secretaries/ Directors (BS-19) i.e. i) Additional Secretary/ Director (Admn & Finance), ii) Additional Secretary/ Director (MEP), iii) Additional Secretary/ Director (Medical) and iv) Additional Secretary/ Director (CTLS).

All four wings will report to Secretary through Director General of the Department.

1. Functions of Admin & Finance Wing

   i. To deal with all demonstrative matters of Program personnel posted under Provincial set up and its allied units/ field
   ii. To deal with the matters of personnel management with special reference to service rules, career planning and human resource development in order to facilitate the proper implementation of the Population Welfare Program in the Sindh Province;
   iii. To deal with business of Provincial Assembly;
   iv. Coordination with Ministry of Population Welfare, Provincial Departments, National and International Organizations;
  v. Observance of functional discipline of Provincial Headquarters and all allied units/ Attached department;
   vi. Attending to audit objections by convening DACs and attending PACs;
   vii. Coordination with Finance Department and the Accountant General, Sindh.
   viii. To deal with litigation/ Court cases;
    ix. Any other specific duties assigned by the higher hierarchy.

2. Functions of Monitoring Evaluation and Planning Wing
    This Wing will be responsible for formulation of plans, PC-Is, ADP proposals and provide technical support to the operating units in the preparation of their plans and schemes. In addition, the wing is also responsible to monitor and evaluate all components of the on going program activities in the province and coordinate with the Monitoring & Statistics (M&S) wing, Ministry of Population Welfare, Islamabad for undertaking field monitoring in the form of teams consisting of the representatives of the Ministry of Population Welfare, provincial monitoring staff and the research institutes of the Ministry of Population Welfare. The functions of the Wing will also include compilation, processing and analyzing statistical data for submission to the federal government, provincial government and to provide feedback to the operating units.

   The MEP Wing will also maintain demographic and statistical baseline data for which computer facilities will be utilized. This Wing will organize review meetings with the field officers and conduct follow up for the implementation of decisions taken in these meetings. The Wing will also carry out coordinator functions with the Planning Wing of the Ministry of Population Welfare and Planning & Development Department, Sindh through Population Welfare Department Secretariat. It will deal with the matters relating to the Provincial Population Welfare Council, Inter Departmental Committee etc.


3. Functions of Medical Wing

    The Wing will be responsible to organize, implement and supervise the activities of Family Welfare Centers (FWCs), Reproductive Health Services Centers (RHCs), MSU, Social Mobilizers, innovative projects and will also coordinate with the Health Department and other Provincial Line Department to implement the family planning through their service delivery outlets as well as look after the activities of the Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs), Hakims, Homeopaths and PPSPOs.

   The Wing will coordinate the clinical training activities with the Directorate of Clinical Training of Ministry of Population Welfare and RTIs and will be responsible to coordinate with all concerned Directorates of Technical Wing in the Ministry of Population Welfare, Islamabad.

4. Functions Of Communication, Training, Logistic and Supplies Wing
     This Wing will be responsible to plan implement and monitor IEC activities in the Province within the given framework.

a) To guide and monitor District / Tehsil/ Towns levels IEC and advocacy activities.

b) To plan and monitor Social Mobilization activities at FWC, MSU and RHS-A Service Centres levels.

c) To develop IEC materials to be used in the field.

d) To carryout local non-clinical training activities and coordinate in this respect with the Directorate of Program Training and Population Welfare Training Institute (PWTI), NIM, PIM, NIPS, Pop Council and other Government and non government training Institutes.

e) To process the cases of in country and foreign training facilities.

f) To manage and monitor the logistics work of the province and to ensure proper maintenance of transport fleet in the field.

g) To manage coordinate and monitor the supply of medicines, equipment, furniture, fixture, contraceptive etc, in the province.

h) To provide logistic support.

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