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District Population Welfare Offices

      District Population Welfare Offices are the key agents in the implementation of the population program and delivery of Family Planning and RH services. The district offices are responsible to plan, organize and implement family planning activities through the Family Welfare Centers (FWC). Mobile Service Units Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs), Health outlets of the Health and the provincial line departments. Hakim and Homeopaths. The district offices also organize advocacy/ communication activities including documentaries through Audio Visual Vans, interpersonal communication through program and non-program, channels, participation in local and distribution of publicity material to the target audience.

 Function of the District Population Welfare Officer:

        The districts will become hub of activities, as many functions and activities will be developed to the district government. The main functions would be as follows:

  • To prepare and maintain a District Population Profile.

  • To conduct communication activities including exhibition of documentaries, inter personal communication through program and non-program channels, participation in local fairs and distribution of publicity material to the target audience. 

  • To supervise, plan, organize and implement family planning and reproductive health activities through the Family Welfare Centers (FWCs), Satellite Clinics, Mobile Service Units (MSUs), Reproductive Health Service Centers (RHSCs-A & B type) and Male Community Based Workers, Hakeems, Homeopaths and Register Medical Practitioners (RMPs)

  • To coordinate with EDO (H) and PLDs for delivery of family planning services through their service delivery outlets.

  • To organize the work of the service delivery outlets and Tehsil infrastructure

  • To identify training needs and impart local level training to the program and non-program personnel.

  • To provide logistic support and contraceptive supply to the program and non-program service outlets.

  • To see that all the equipments, instruments and furniture of the program service delivery outlets are in working condition and their timely report etc.

  • To ensure adequate supply of medicines to RHSC-As, FWCs, MSUs, Social Mobilizer (M/F) and community based agents.

  • To involve and coordinate with the district officials of other public service departments, target Group Institutions and NGOs extending Family Planning/ Reproductive Health Services.

  • To monitor, supervise and provide on job guidance to the service providers through field visits.

  • To disburse and maintain financial record for all expenditure incurred in the district on program activities and submit expenditure report to the Provincial & District Government.

  • To collect, compile and collect performance reports of all the reporting units and ensure its transmission to the provincial department and provide feedback to service outlets & district government.

  • To provide secretariat support to the District Population Welfare Committee.

  • He will be responsible and will ensure the maintenance of fertile couple register at the Family Welfare Centre and its updation on regular basis.

  • Any other assignment given from PHQ time to time.

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